Thursday, 7 June 2012

27+ Year Old Stephanotis

Here are three photos of  a Stephanotis Plant I have on my windowsill .. 

It started out life as a small plant, wrapped around a metal hoop, which was embedded in the pot ..

My father bought this plant for my mother back in 1985 .. A year later, my mother died, and just under two years later still, my father died .. I then inherited this plant .. So if you do your maths corrected, you'll see that the plant is now at least 27 yrs old .. 

In all that time, it's only been repotted twice (I think, maybe 3 times) .. 

My father had told me that these plants, once they are established, do not like to be moved .. So, through 2 house moves later, it's always resided on the same 'side' facing - usually south to south west .. I guess it loves the sun .. The south west in this house, is in my living room, on the front windowsill .. This is a Georgian half-circle sill, thus giving the plant plenty of room to spread it's wings, which is what it does best .. 

This year, as in others, it is absolutely full of lovely white fragrant waxy flowers .. And the living room is filled with their gorgeous, but heady, perfume .. I do have to ventilate the room, otherwise the perfume from so many flowers, can give people headaches ..

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