Saturday, 24 April 2010

Kamera -v- Kraft - Often intertwined ..

We often take photos and use them to make cards, or we include them in scrapbooks, as mementos of our family lives or holidays ..

In this, my photograph blog, I hope to show how I have come to love taking photographs; some purely as a snapshot of 'time' and some to change & manipulate in Photoshop, to be used in my crafting hobby ..

For example - back in 2006, I visited Sussex & on a tour around a church, took this not-so-good photograph ..

After loading it into Photoshop, and twiddling with it for a while, I produced these two Tea-Bag Tiles - which can be used to create a medallion (several of them) - or the symmetrical tile could be replicated as a background paper ..

I offer these 2 TB tiles as Freebies - please leave a comment if you download .. :o)

I hope you all enjoy my work ..

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